CNN’s Navarro on Choosing Trump or Cruz: ‘If I Have to Choose Between Strep Throat or Leukemia…’

Screen-Shot-2016-03-09-at-5.50.12-PM-650x428OUCH, Ana Navarro: that’s one way to make your point.

While on the panel with Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday afternoon’s Situation Room from Miami, CNN Contributor Ana Navarro made a rather unfortunate comparison of sorts while discussing the leaders of the GOP field. “Anybody but Trump is acceptable to me,” Navarro told Blitzer and CNN’s John King openly.

When Blitzer pressed that he knows Navarro is far from a fan of Texas Senator Ted Cruz however, Navarro casually opined, “Oh, that’s an understatement. But if I have to — look, if I have to choose between strep throat or leukemia, I’ll choose strep throat, you know. I mean at least one is curable.”

While the rest of the panel grew silent so as to allow Navarro to try and dig herself out explain her line of thinking, she continued:

I think Ted Cruz knows how government runs. He might have — he might try to obstruct it every now and then, but he does know how it runs. He’s read the constitution and I think he’s got a much better temperament than Donald Trump. He’s not angry Tweeting in the middle of the night. He’s not using expletives in front of children.

Watch the cringe-worthy moment above from CNN.
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