CNN’s New Day Mocks Pruitt Over Bizarre Lotion Report: ‘When Does Dry Skin Become a Security Risk?’


CNN’s New Day had a laugh on Friday morning over strange details surrounding EPA chief Scott Pruitt‘s use of his security staff to run personal errands for him.

As the EPA Administrator continues to be buried under a mountain of ethics and improper spending controversies, a new report indicates that Pruitt had his security team pick up his dry cleaning and help him hunt down his favorite kind of body lotion, which is usually found in Ritz-Carlton hotels. CNN host John Berman was incredulous when he brought up the story on Friday, asking his colleagues “when does dry skin become a security risk?”

“Is it just dry skin? Cracked skin? Chafed skin?” Berman asked. “When does the security detail get involved?”

Chris Cillizza said that between this, Pruitt’s Chick-Fil-A dealings, and everything else, its amazing that he still has his job at all. Brian Karem was less surprised, saying Pruitt still has his job because Donald Trump wants him to “destroy the EPA” and his scandals help distract from the president’s own controversies.

“The Trump Administration has an agenda, and it’s to tear down protections. It is to destroy regulations, it’s to tear down the federal government and the people he’s assigned to do it are doing it. We’re laughing and looking at the sideshow while they’re continuing on their agenda. That hasn’t changed. There is a bit of madness but also a bit of brilliance in how you do that.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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