CNN’s New Day Pummels Scott Pruitt’s Unending Scandals: ‘Like a Tsunami Meets the Swamp’


As CNN’s New Day held a conversation on Scott Pruitt‘s endless parade of unethical conduct, the panel was mystified as they wondered how he has survived in his position for so long.

New reports on the EPA chief indicate that he has two new controversies to answer for. A whistleblower told CNN that Pruitt had his staff alter his official schedule to conceal some of his meetings from public record, and Washington Post reports that Pruitt stiffed other employees by having them cover hotel reservation costs and not pay them back.

As Alisyn Camerota talked about all of this with CNN political director David Chalian, she jokingly wondered if President Donald Trump has no one in the world but Pruitt to turn to for help in his effort to dismantle the EPA. Chalian agreed that Pruitt has endured because he’s still useful to Trump, though he noted that the EPA chief’s actions fly in the face of Trump’s rhetoric about draining the swamp.

“You have the swampiest of swamp creatures,” Chalian said, “who gets to stay there because he’s achieving a policy agenda that the president wants to see implemented.”

The rest of the panel started snickering, with John Berman saying “it’s so far beyond the swamp at this point, it’s like a tsunami meets the swamp; it’s swamp-nami!’

John Avlon got in on the conversation too, saying that if Pruitt is being ratted out by other Trump loyalists, its a sign things are going badly for the EPA behind the scenes.

Watch above, via CNN.

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