CNN’s New Day Reacts to Trump’s Fake News Dig: It’s Become A ‘Tell For Things That Are True’

CNN’s New Day reacted to the Monday morning Twitter missive sent by President Donald Trump upon his arrival for a diplomatic visit to the United Kingdom. Trump’s complained about CNN’s “fake news” and ultimately suggested a boycott of CNN’s new corporate owner AT&T to encourage that they “do something.”

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin, first opined on the controversy over Trump’s calling Prince Harry’s American wife Meghan Markle as “nasty,” which Trump has denied despite audio existing in which he clearly refers to her as nasty. Toobin said, “t the idea that the president would deny saying something that he’s on audiotape saying is kind of a surreal 1984-like scenario which even for President Trump is especially surreal and bizarre.”

He followed by ostensibly referencing Trump’s “fake news” claim, adding “Fake news with the president has become a tell. Like when he says ‘Believe me.’ That’s almost always a lie. Fake news is now becoming kind of a tell for things that are true. That’s a classic example.”

The conversation then more directly turned to Trump’s specific anti-CNN tweet, which hosts John Berman and Alisyn Camerota handled with their signature grace and humor.

Camerota noted that Trump was commenting on CNN’s “global reach” and is riveted by “New Day,” to which Berman offered “Good morning, Mr. President.”

Watch above via CNN.

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