CNN’s New Day Ridicules Fox News Praising Trump’s Negotiations with Kim Jong Un: ‘The Hermit Network’


A panel on CNN’s New Today mocked Fox News as “the hermit network” on Monday after pointing out that a number of the network’s hosts flipped on their position of negotiating with North Korea after President Donald Trump opted to meet with dictator Kim Jong-un.

“I think it’s important to go back in the time machine and show how over at Fox the commentators were appalled when candidate Barack Obama suggested that he might ever sit down with Kim Jong-un,” CNN host Alisyn Camerota said before playing a compilation clip showing Sean Hannity, John Bolton, and the hosts of Fox & Friends all flip-flopping on the issue in accordance with Trump’s policies toward the DPRK.

“From this is horrible to Nobel Peace Prize,” Camerota observed. “That clips goes on for three minutes.”

CNN media critic Brian Stelter argued the clips “do prove the hypocrisy” of Fox News and said conservative media “props up Trump” while “the rest of the media is grading Trump on a curve sometimes,” as the president has not been criticized much for his numerous awkward mistakes while negotiating overseas, like his failure to explain what the term bussing means.

“[Trump’s] strange behavior never gets noticed by conservative outlets but also the rest of the media,” Stelter added. “Over at Fox, it’s much more hermetically sealed chamber when it comes to this kind of hypocrisy.”

CNN commentator Joe Lockhart went on to joke that, “If North Korea is the hermit kingdom, Fox is the hermit network,” since “they don’t let anything in” to go against pro-Trump narratives. He then pointed out that despite the glowing coverage of Trump for talking to Kim face-to-face again, their meeting at the DMZ over the weekend has not helped the U.S.

“We’ve not only not made progress [in North Korea], we’ve actually taken a step back as far as our negotiating position,” Lockhart said.

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