CNN’s New Day Rips Fox News For Fueling Trump’s Iran Conspiracy Theory: It’s a ‘Discredited News Org’


CNN’s New Day ripped into Fox News over a tweet from President Donald Trump that appears to be inspired by a dubious report from the rival network.

CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy first reported on Tuesday that Trump’s baseless tweet accusing former President Obama of granting citizenship to 2,500 Iranians during the nuclear deal negotiations relied on a questionable Fox News report.

Darcy reported:

The article, written by Chris Irvine, a Fox News senior editor, cited an Iranian news agency that cited an Iranian newspaper that quoted the single Iranian cleric, who said the Obama administration provided citizenship to 2,500 unidentified Iranians during nuclear deal negotiations.

CNN’s Brian Stelter was on New Day Wednesday morning to discuss, and said the “conspiracy theory” is another “strange example where the president is learning something from Fox News — in this case something bogus without any proof of it — and then circulating it all around the world.”

“Whether it’s a lie or a conspiracy theory or another form of deception, he seems to prefer to learn things from this box, the television set, as opposed to his intelligence experts,” Stelter added.

“Because it’s easier,” New Day host Alisyn Camerota noted. She went on to explain that former Obama official Marie Harf, who works at Fox News, told the outlet the story sounds like “BS.”

“But they run with it, they put it in the headline, then Fox & Friends parrots it, and then the president absorbs it and tweets it,” Camerota said. “This is the anatomy of a conspiracy theory.”

“The obvious reality here is that this is a man who has access to a daily intelligence briefing,” CNN’s John Avlon noted. “He has access to the best information in the world in real time. And yet he prefers to go with confirmation bias conspiracy theories he picks up from partisan cable TV.”

“Which itself isn’t doing its job,” Avlon continued. “This is Iranian local politics and a discredited news organization that has fallen for Onion stories before. The fact that the president’s first impulse is to parrot this rather than going to the intelligence agencies is a real problem, not a manufactured crisis.”

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