CNN’s New Day Rips Into Trump’s Narcissism: ‘You Don’t Have to be a Mental Health Professional’ to Read the Definition

CNN’s New Day panel dissected President Donald Trump’s latest comments and interpreted them as further evidence of his narcissism.

The conversation began with Trump calling himself the “chosen one,” so Ana Navarro figured it’s not “mutually exclusive” that Trump could be a “raving mad narcissist with a messianic complex” and also trying to distract from the most recent controversies bogging him down.

“You can tell me I’m not a mental health professional and shouldn’t be talking about this,” Navarro said, but she continued on by remarking that “You can’t go anywhere without people saying what is wrong with Trump? What is wrong with America? Have Americans lost their mind?”

“Where is the Republican Party?” Jeffrey Toobin chimed in agreement. “Where is anyone in that party who, you know, can say that the emperor has no clothes and the emperor is acting like a lunatic? I mean, this is so obvious. This is so wrong. And the narcissism and the constant lying, it’s obvious to anyone. The fact the Republican Party has no one with the courage to speak up about this is a shame on this party and it will haunt that party.”

Ben Howe, a conservative author, filmmaker, and brother of Mediaite‘s Caleb Howe, was also asked for how the right would’ve reacted if former president Barack Obama called himself “the chosen one.” Howe determined that Trump has talked about himself in this manner for a long time, and Evangelicals are enabling the president by throwing out their values to go along with it.

“When you have these guys in your ear every day praying over you and exempting you, then it’s not that surprising that he would think that way,” Howe said. He continued later on by explaining how other recent events all feed into Trump’s belief of being “destined” for greatness.

“He’s got the narcissist dream life. He spent his whole life a billionaire getting a lot of attention and thinking he’s the center of the universe, essentially. Then he became the president and sort of became the center of the universe. From his point of view, everything is destined in a way. So I put a lot of blame on the people around him. These people feed into that ego and assure him all of those delusions of grandeur he had all his life were obviously true.”

“You don’t have to be a mental health professional to read the [Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders] manual, the definition of narcissism” Alisyn Camerota concluded. “It spells out exactly the signposts and the symptoms…We can leave it to the mental health professionals if we want, but it does have a corrosive effect on the country.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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