CNN’s Nic Robertson Finds Libyan Man Convicted Of PanAm 103 Lockerbie Bombing

CNN’s Nic Robertson is an extremely well regarded reporter especially in areas of war and intense conflict. This weekend he reinforced his reputation by tracking down Abdel Basset al-Megrahi, also known as the convicted bomber of PanAm flight 103, who was found responsible for the deaths 270 individuals when the jetliner crashed over Lockerbie, Scotland. al-Megrahi was found in a coma, surrounded by family and in a lavish compound.

Two years ago, al-Megrahi had been giving a “compassionate” release from British prison and allowed to return to Libya; the convicted bomber had developed prostate cancer and was expected to only live another three months. Because he was still alive, some suggested that his medical ills were some sort of ruse, and that his release was inappropriate. In fact, the British government admitted in a report that it was a mistake to release the convicted bomber at all.

So in the past few weeks as the Gaddafi regime had been toppled by NATO supported rebels, many in the media openly wondered whatever became of al-Megrahi, many suggesting that the was actually quite healthy and probably had fled. So kudos to Robertson for actually tracking down the convicted bomber and finding him in a state that appears to be very near death.

Watch the report below, courtesy of CNN:

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