CNN’s Oliver Darcy Sees Hypocrisy in Fox Hosts Attacking Impeachment While Centering Programming on Impeachment

CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy appeared with Brian Stelter Sunday to talk Fox News, with Darcy criticizing the network’s hosts slamming impeachment while covering it extensively.

After playing a clip of various Fox hosts bashing the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump and arguing viewers thought it was “boring,” CNN correspondent Alexander Marquardt (filling in for Ana Cabrera) asked Stelter and Darcy “The truth is in the pudding: did viewers actually find it boring?”

According to Nielsen, more than 70 million people did tune in throughout the five days to hear these impeachment hearings,” Darcy responded. “I think it’s also very interesting the Fox messaging doesn’t line up.

“They say it’s boring, yet they program the entire network around the impeachment. They call it a circus. Circuses aren’t usually boring. It just doesn’t make any sense, it just seems like they’re throwing stuff out there,” Darcy said.

“They want to make sure they have the president’s back and have the viewers think there’s nothing actually going on while at the same time telling the audience it’s a circus happening. Doesn’t make much sense to me,” he continued.

“Well, more hearings for them to criticize starting on Wednesday,” Marquardt snarked to end the segment.

Watch above, via CNN.

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