CNN’s Pamela Brown Hits Joy Reid For ‘Sort Of Taking Ownership’ After Hacking Claims: ‘That Was a Lie!’

On Saturday morning, CNN host Pamela Brown took aim MSNBC host Joy Reid for her ongoing blog controversies.

Brown began by slamming Reid for “having nothing to say” when she went without mentioning her recently uncovered blog posts on her weekend morning show AM Joy.

CNN media analyst Bill Carter called it a “troubling situation” for Reid and MSNBC, saying that them simply wanting to move on is their “strategy.”

“Look, I believe in, you know, the power of redemption and people should be able to say that was something I regret,” Carter said. “And I believed Joy. I think she’s a very talented anchor, but I think it’s a troubling situation that keeps coming forward. And certainly the aspect of the hacking, which she hasn’t really addressed, you know, leaves me with a lot of questions about this and it also leaves me with questions how NBC is handling this.”

Brown acknowledge neither Reid’s recent apology nor MSNBC’s statement made reference to the previous hacking claims.

“Now she’s sort of taking ownership what has been surfaced on her blog posts saying I don’t recognize this person but I apologize,” Brown said. “How does that square with what she said in the past, that it was a result of hackers?”

“It doesn’t square, and she’s trying to now, you know, I think bury that,” Carter responded.

“But how could you just bury that?!?” Brown reacted. “I mean, then that was a lie!”

Carter added that her hacking claims hurt her “current credibility” and even invoked a double standard that NBC has had with Billy Bush in the wake of the Access Hollywood tape, who owned his remarks and apologized but was still fired.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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