CNN’s Parker Spitzer Goes Live Amid Uncertainty Over Host’s Future

CNN’s Parker Spitzer, which has been largely pre-taped, went to a live broadcast Monday–with the New York Post hinting the move was a last-minute effort to boost ratings. “Network honcho Ken Jautz announced yesterday during a morning meeting that the show, which had previously been taped, would now be aired live, one insider said.”

Going live allowed a far newsier show Monday, including live interviews with CNN investigative reporter Drew Griffin on the life of accused shooter Jared Loughner.

The move to take the ratings-challenged Parker Spitzer from to tape to live had, however, been in the works for weeks–well ahead of the latest controversy to embroil the show, the rumors of CNN management’s desire to replace co-host Kathleen Parker.

The Post‘s insiders make it sound as if the move has become tricky:

[Parker] is being pushed out,” an insider said. “But she’s putting up a fight because she’s been hung out to dry.

The official word from CNN is that the show is making strides and getting better, but the timing is key, as Parker Spitzer is the lead-in to the network’s Piers Morgan Tonight, which debuts Monday and in which CNN has invested mightily.

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