CNN’s Paul Callan Dings Trump For Speaking Out on Manafort: If Sessions Had Done it, It Would Be Contempt of Court


There is still no verdict in the Paul Manafort trial, yet that hasn’t stopped President Donald Trump from weighing in on the case.

Speaking to reporters on Friday in the White House lawn, Trump called the whole trial “sad.”

“I think the whole Manafort trial is very sad,” Trump said, responding to shouted out questions from the press.

He added: “When you look at what is going on, I think it’s a very sad day for our country. He worked for me for a very short period of time, but you know what? He happens to be a very good person. And I think it’s very sad what they’ve done to Paul Manafort.”

Yet as CNN legal analyst Paul Callan noted, Trump’s very public comments about his former employee and campaign chair raise concerns about how politics can factor into the case and, in fact, if he had been anyone else other than the sitting president, he might have found himself in his own legal jeopardy.

After noting that the one wildcard in the Manafort case is politics, Callan said that as a prosecutor he would worry “if there is somebody on that jury that is a diehard Trump fan you have the President of the United States making comments.”

Then, after discussing the ramifications of Trump’s words, Callan stressed: “If Jeff Sessions said it rather than Donald Trump, if a lawyer said it, he’d be held in contempt of court.”

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