CNN’s Phil Mudd Goes Off on Trump Over Israel: What Happened to The Art of the Deal?


CNN commentator and former CIA officer Phil Mudd sunk his teeth into Donald Trump on Monday night, both for the president’s Twitter threats against leakers, and for mishandling the situation in Israel in light of the violence in Gaza.

Mudd was flanked by April Ryan and Brian Karem as Don Lemon asked them about Trump’s slams on the “traitors and cowards” who leaked Kelly Sadler‘s disparaging comments about John McCain. After Lemon called Trump for deflecting from Sadler, Mudd tore into the president for calling the leak an act of treason.

“Let’s be clear, a traitor is one who gives up secrets of the United States that result in less security of the United States,” Mudd said. “A traitor is not someone who says something embarrassing about a stupid White House staff meeting. Let’s get our priorities straight here. I understand he’s trying to control image, but that’s not a traitor.”

The panel went on to discuss how Trump views anyone in his administration as a traitor whenever they’re not sufficiently loyal to him, or leak information that the White House then has to answer for. Since Mudd used to be a member of the intelligence community and the Israel-Gaza situation is right in his wheelhouse, Lemon eventually asked him about today’s conflict where dozens of Palestinians were killed and thousands were wounded as they protested on the border.

Mudd didn’t hold back:

“For a man who wrote The Art of the Deal,” Mudd said, “we just gave the Israelis an incredible gift. What do we get in return?”

“Why did we give something when we didn’t get something? To me, I’m not the expert negotiator, the president is, but to me that violates The Art of the Deal.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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