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CNN’s Phil Mudd: ‘One of the Biggest Losers’ Today Is Devin Nunes

CNN’s Phil Mudd today called out Devin Nunes during a discussion on the indictments against Russians issued today over election meddling.

He first pushed back on President Trump‘s touting of “no collusion,” asking, “Did the President actually read this?”

He noted how the indictments show a very clear anti-Trump, pro-Clinton sentiment before the election, and said the idea this lets Trump off the hook makes no sense.

As the panel discussion continued, David Chalian said the indictments only bolster the basis of this case and it makes Trump’s attempt to “undermine it” harder.

Mudd weighed in next and named Nunes in particular:

“One of the biggest losers in this case, in my judgment, is Devin Nunes. The effort on the House committee to undermine this investigation in light of what is not only an attack on an election––one of the most striking parts of this awesome document… is the tail end a lot of people will miss. These interventions into American politics, as you see in the document, continued after the election with an effort not only to favor one candidate, but to start putting out information like, for example, ‘Not My President,’ after the election, clearly intended to divide America and bring American democracy to its knees… The fact that the Hill committees couldn’t have a conversation about the hijacking of our democracy in the past year in light of this indictment––it couldn’t be starker. Incredible.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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