CNN’s Phil Mudd Slams Mueller Criticism: ‘I Never Heard the Dude Make a Political Comment’

With President Donald Trump tweeting earlier this week his belief that the FBI is “tainted,” the discussion on the merits of that tweet has been a hot topic.

On Tuesday’s AC: 360, fill-in host Jim Sciutto introduced the subject for former CIA counter terrorism official, Phil Mudd and CNN political commentator Matt Lewis to debate.

“I think that very clearly President Trump is attempting to delegitimize this institution. It’s perfectly logical and obvious why he would want to do that, It would benefit him in terms of this investigation looking into him,” said Lewis — also a senior columnist for The Daily Beast.

He added, “I think the FBI comes out of this looking really bad. The problem is you’ve got so many examples. You’ve got the fact that so many people in this investigation contributed to Hillary Clinton. You’ve got the fact that [FBI Deputy Director Andrew] McCabe‘s wife took hundreds of thousands of dollars from a [former Gov.] Terry McAuliffe [D-VA] organization.”

Mudd fired back.

“I spent four and a half years with director Mueller, maybe 2,000 meetings,” he said. “I never heard the dude make a political comment, ever!

Watch above, via CNN.

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