CNN’s Piers Morgan To Critics: You Need An “Immediate Lobotomy”

You may not know much about CNN’s Piers Morgan yet, but know this: the guy knows how to craft a clever insult–like telling TV critics to get an “immediate lobotomy.”

Morgan–who’s been fearless in his blunt talk since being appointed the replacement for Larry King–is lashing out at critics who’ve slammed his choice of Oprah Winfrey as the “premiere guest” on Piers Morgan Tonight, which debuts January 17.

Morgan unveiled Oprah as his first guest to an audience of television critics in Los Angeles this week, and as The Washington Post’s Lisa De Moraes described it, “two years ago, that news would really have wowed the critics, reporters and bloggers who attend the press tour. These days, in which you have to fend off Oprah with a club as she manically plugs her new cable network, not so much.”

Oprah’s described the interview as a grilling–one of the toughest she’s done in twenty years. And Piers Morgan–who had hinted he was angling for Kate Middleton as his first guest–doesn’t have much respect for critics, as he told Mediaite:

Any journalist who doesn’t think Oprah Winfrey is one of the two or three biggest ‘gets’ in the world of interviews needs to change profession and have an immediate lobotomy.

Watch Oprah’s comments on the Piers Morgan interview here, from CNN:

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