CNN’s Rachel Nichols Confronts Floyd Mayweather over Domestic Abuse Charges

One of the only people to come out this week against Ray Rice‘s suspension from the NFL was boxer Floyd Mayweather. Mayweather, of course, has his own history of domestic abuse charges, but weighed in on Rice anyway and said that the NFL shouldn’t have changed the punishment for Rice just because they saw the video (though he did later walk those comments back).

Last night on CNN, Unguarded host Rachel Nichols faced off with Mayweather and asked him, “You are someone with a history of domestic violence yourself, you’ve even been to jail for it, why should fans root for you with this kind of history?”

Mayweather said it’s all allegations and “nothing has been proven,” but Nichols shot back that there was quite a lot of documentation, not to mention the fact he did go to jail for beating the mother of his children. Mayweather simply said, “No pictures, just hearsay and allegations.”

But multiple women have come forward over the years with allegations that Mayweather beat them, and Nichols asked, “Are we really supposed to believe all these women are lying.” Mayweather told her, “Only God can judge me.”

Watch the confrontation below, via CNN:

[image via screengrab]

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