CNN’s Richard Quest Bizarrely Interviews New Year’s Revelers in Times Square While Dressed as a Cat

Things got a bit weird in the first hour of CNN’s live broadcast from Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

CNN’s Richard Quest showed up in a bizarre full Cats unitard to talk to the crowd.

Quest tweeted out a close-up of his cat-face which was meant to be in honor of the Great White Way.

“I’m Rum Tum Tugger,” Quest told Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen, referring to a character from Cats.

He also noted that there are 42 theatres in the area around Times Square that “correctly” call themselves Broadway houses.

Then, in a bit of a trivia lesson, he explained the reason Broadway is called the “White Way” is because it was the first to have electricity to light the way.

Finally, after trying — and failing — to croon the Cats showstopper Memory, Quest approached revelers from New Jersey and Canada.

The revelers seemed unfazed by Quest’s odd outfit and his questions.

As the whole bit came to a thankful end, Cohen declared Quest’s performance “as good as the fever dream that is the movie Cats.”

Watch above, via CNN

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