CNN’s S.E. Cupp Calls Out Her Own Network for ‘Anti-Gay, Anti-Abortion’ Banner

While CNN covered the Value Voters Summit this morning, they ran a graphics banner calling the event’s host, Family Research Council, an “anti-gay, anti-abortion group.” The network’s Crossfire co-host S.E. Cupp noticed that descriptor and took to Twitter to call out her own network.

The banner ran during a conversation between anchor John Berman and Cupp’s conservative colleague Will Cain. See below for screengrab:

Cupp then tweeted out: “Hey CNN, can we find a more appropriate banner for the Values Voter Summit than ‘anti-gay, anti-abortion group’?”

Two points here, if I may:

1) The banner was referring to the event’s host: The Family Research Council. Headed up by frequent cable pundit Tony Perkins, FRC is literally anti-gay and anti-abortion. So the banner is certainly not inaccurate. FRC is quite outspoken about its opposition to homosexual acts, and makes plenty of cable news appearances to decry the oncoming wave of a “pro-gay culture” and whatnot. So… yes, they are definitively anti-gay and anti-abortion. Those two platforms are basically their lifeblood.

2) HOWEVER, the banner does ring as inappropriate. Mostly because you know it comes with that slightly condescending tone meant to lump the Value Voter Summit’s speakers like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio in with the more extreme, vociferously anti-porn, anti-homosexuality elements of the conservative movement. That and, among the mainstream media, it’s safe to say that being “anti-abortion” comes with a certain ickiness that you wouldn’t find in a banner describing some similarly narrow-focused liberal lobbying group.

So, in that sense, despite the literal accuracy of the headline, I’d say Cupp has a decent point.

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