CNN’s S.E. Cupp: ‘Go Home, 2018, You’re Drunk!’


CNN’s S.E. Cupp started off her show on Saturday with this breaking headline: “Go home, 2018, you’re drunk.”

She then explained.

“Fittingly, for a year of frenetic highs and lows, craziness and chaos and peak swampiness in Washington, D.C. We’re ending it with a bang and a shutdown. We’re now 18 hours into a partial shutdown of the federal government, the third such shutdown this year,” she said. “And after some wrangling this morning, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell adjourned the Senate until Thursday.”

Then referring to Trump’s prolific morning on Twitter, she continued on: “But don’t worry, President Trump took to Twitter to reassure the American people he’s on the case. ‘I am in the White House,’ he writes, ‘Working hard.'”

“From what I can tell, he spent most of his time over the past 48 hours trying to pin the shutdown on the Democrats for not giving him his $5 billion border slats,” Cupp said.

Then addressing Trump, she noted, “I specifically remember you saying, though, that you’d take the blame.”

She then played the clip of Trump saying in the Oval Office that — indeed — he would take the blame for the shutdown and, in fact, would be proud to do so.

“So, what’s changed?” The CNN host asked after the clip ended. “Why isn’t the president manning up and owning the shutdown he said he would? Well, the Democrats outsmarted him, for starters.”

Watch above, via CNN

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