CNN’s S.E. Cupp on Trump’s Claim ‘Unknown Middle Easterners’ Are Infiltrating Caravan: ‘Fear-Mongering at Its Most Naked’


CNN’s S.E. Cupp criticized President Donald Trump on Monday for using the immigrant caravan as a political cudgel ahead of the midterm elections while failing to propose solutions to the issue.

Trump embarked on a tweetstorm Monday morning decrying the caravan of immigrants making its way from Central America to the U.S. border with Mexico, suggesting the group has been infiltrated by “unknown Middle Easterners.”

“It’s not even a dog-whistle, it’s fear-mongering at its most naked,” Cupp said. She referred to the caravan as a “humanitarian crisis,” and said that instead of trying to find solutions to the problem, “the president is choosing fear, to just keep people afraid.”

“Remember the point of politics is to solve problems,” she added. “The president is not talking about solutions to a broken immigration system, he is just talking about fear.”

CNN’s political commentator Errol Louis pointed out that “there are a lot easier ways” for “unknown Middle Easterners” to get into the country by walking thousands of miles from Central America to try their chances at the Southern Border — namely, flying into the country on a tourist visa and overstaying.

Louis added that Trump could help curb the crisis with diplomacy, foreign aid and a broader policy, “all of which is lacking.”

“We’re two weeks out from a very important election,” Louis said. “He’s really I think playing politics instead of trying to solve this issue.”

CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer pointed out that Trump is threatening to cut off aid to the immigrants’ countries of origin.

“He’s doubling down on a very bad strategy,” Cupp said.

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