CNN’s S.E. Cupp Urges Trump Allies to Stop Excusing His Behavior: ‘How Much Longer’?


CNN host S.E. Cupp urged allies of President Donald Trump to stop trying to excuse him asking foreign powers to investigate a rival, asking “how much longer do they keep saying this was OK?”

In her open on S.E. Cupp Unfiltered Saturday, Cupp characterized Trump’s strategy in recent weeks as his “D.N.A. … deny, normalize and attack.”

“He said he didn’t pressure Ukraine to investigate the Bidens, but that he could, but then the Ukraine call transcript came out showing he did just that. So Trump moved to the normalized phase. He said the call was perfect,” Cupp said, noting he also publicly called on China to investigate his political opponent.

Well now he’s onto the attack stage,” Cupp noted, pointing at Trump’s various tweets today attacking Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff and Republican Sen. Mitt Romney.

She then spelled out the facts that have come to light in recent weeks.

“This one is actually really, really simple,” she said. “He told at least one foreign government to investigate his political rival. He made a meeting at the White House contingent on that investigation, and then withheld aid to the nation in order to increase the pressure. And then his administration tried to cover it up.”

“That’s what happened. It’s in black and white. It’s in a transcript, it’s in text messages and it’s out of the president’s own mouth. Now, you can decide whether all of this is impeachable or not, but it’s what happened and the people surrounding Trump need to ask themselves a pretty serious question — how much longer do they keep saying this was OK?” Cupp concluded.

Watch above, via CNN.

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