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CNN’s Sally Kohn Cringes at Hillary Campaign Roping Reporters: ‘This Is Awful!’

vlcsnap-2015-07-06-11h02m44s868-e1436195111574-300x204Liberal CNN contributor Sally Kohn went off on the Hillary Clinton campaign for the terrible optics of dragging the press by a rope during a recent parade, calling it “awful” and a “literal nightmare.”

Kohn literally face-palmed as the CNN Newsroom discussion turned to the incident. “Sally, you’re cringing I can tell,” noted host Ana Cabrera.

“This is awful! It’s just awful!” Kohn said. “It was like, the optics of it, I mean it took press wrangling to a whole new level, right? There’s a sort of rhetoric in campaigns of you wrangle the press, you corral the press. This just went a step too far.”

“Did no one think in this day and age, in a world that is visual, where Snapchat and Instagram and all these things, these things can go immediately — not to mention these people are actually obviously holding television cameras– that this would be a metaphorical and visual and literal nightmare?” she asked.

“It is a problem. And look, I’m not a big fan of the Hillary campaign nor Hillary Clinton as a candidate per se…” Kohn admitted. “But they also are their own worst enemies. She is a seasoned politician, she should be able to defend herself to the press.”

Watch, via CNN:

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