CNN’s Sanders Rips Panelist for Comparing Racial Profiling to Kavanaugh Accusations: This is Laughable!


A CNN panel erupted in shouts following Judge Brett Kavanaugh‘s Thursday testimony after one of the network’s liberal personalities slammed a conservative commentator for conflating the case with racial profiling.

The seemingly irrelevant argument was launched by former RNC Chief of Staff Mike Shields, who contended that the SCOTUS nominee was “put between a rock and a hard place” with no way to escape unscathed by the accusations made by Christine Blasey Ford.

“You can either not really push back and look more like a justice, or you can actually get put in a place where you’re wrongly accused of something and people say now you can’t be a justice because you defended yourself,” Shields said.

But then the focus of his remarks shifted to race.

“We have many cases in this country where people are wrongly convicted because the accuser just looks credible, and the jury goes, you know what? This person who is the defendant fits the description of something that I think should be a defendant,” he said.

That’s when Democratic strategist Symone Sanders jumped in, bashing Shields for discussing what she felt was a completely separate issue.

“The audacity for you to equate what happens to black people in this country every damn day in the unjust criminal justice system is laughable,” she said after Shields had acknowledged he was, in fact, speaking about minorities.

“What we saw today from Judge Kavanaugh was the patriarchy and white male privilege on display,” Sanders further stressed.

Watch the clip above via CNN.

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