CNN’s Sara Sidner Gets Grazed By Bullet Casings During Live Report In Tripoli

While reporting live from Tripoli and the fall of the Gaddafi regime, CNN’s Sara Sidner was so close to the gunfire (celebratory or other) that she actually was grazed by a shell while reporting live on television. While the story is still incredibly fluid, with some reports suggesting that pro-Gaddafi forces are still repelling rebel forces, there appears to be enough gunfire that a U.S. reporter covering the story is still very much in harms way.

Much has been made of the varying coverage by U.S. news networks of the unfolding story in Libya. CNN responded to the breaking news by going into what they called “co-production” with CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux and CNN International’s Michael Holmes anchoring together regarding Libya breaking news. CNN has four reporters in Libya, including Matthew Chance, Arwa Damon, Fred Pleitgen in addition to Sidner.

Today’s coverage on CNN stands out from its competitors, as you can see by the incredibly compelling clip below:

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