CNN’s Sciutto Grills CBP Commissioner on Detention Centers: ‘Clearly’ You’re Not Always Meeting Your Standards


CNN’s Jim Sciutto pressed Customs and Border Protection Deputy Commissioner Robert Perez on Tuesday as the two spoke for an interview about the conditions migrants are living with at border detention centers.

Sciutto noted how multiple House Democrats visited a border facility in Texas on Monday and claimed that migrants are living in squalid conditions. Perez said he and his colleagues have repeatedly said that their facilities aren’t equipped to handle the amount of immigrants they’ve seen, which put a strain on their resources and caused a slowdown in their ability to process migrants through their systems:

“While we have people in our custody, we adhere to very strict standards when it comes to accessibility to fresh water, accessibility to consumables, accessibility to not only any and all hygiene products…They get showers and the like, all of which at times needs to be done quite creatively either by way of procuring equipment we either don’t have, or moving people to facilities where we do have those things available, not necessarily at the places they’re being held.”

Sciutto continued by noting further criticisms of detention centers, along with testimony from a migrant child who described substandard conditions at a facility they lived in. Perez referred to internal reviews and insisted, “I’m very confident we’re meeting and in fact most of the time exceeding these standards,” but Sciutto continued to squeeze.

“Clearly not all the time, right?” Sciutto asked. “Unless you’re saying this 12-year-old and these members of Congress are not telling the truth. I mean, clearly not all the time are you meeting those standards.”

Perez continued to defend the CBP’s distribution of resources while saying they take things “incredibly seriously” when investigating allegations of misconduct. The conversation continued with Sciutto and Perez going back and forth on whether the system’s over-saturation is the reason why immigrants are being held for longer periods of time.

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