CNN’s Sciutto Presses Trump Spox on Rhetoric: His Supporters Said Shoot Migrants and ‘The President Laughed’

CNN’s Jim Sciutto had a contentious face-off with Donald Trump campaign spokesman Marc Lotter on Tuesday regarding the connection between the president’s rhetoric and the alleged El Paso shooter’s racist views.

Sciutto began by asking the Trump campaign director of strategic communications why the president keeps using rhetoric so closely affiliated with nationalism and white supremacy. He cited a recently-resurfaced clip of Trump at one of his rallies, smiling and shrugging off a supporter of his who suggested shooting immigrants approaching the U.S. southern border.

Lotter claimed that clips from that rally were “falsely-edited,” but Sciutto noted that “the president laughed…and he made a sort of offhand comment saying you can only get away with that in the panhandle.”

When Lotter tried to pivot the conversation to the Dayton shooter being a fan of left-wing politics, Sciutto swatted away the Trump spokesman’s insinuations of media bias by noting CNN’s reporting on the subject.

Sciutto questioned whether the Trump campaign recognizes white nationalism as a major source of domestic terrorism threats, which eventually led to Lotter calling it an act of “disrespect to the victims” by making the El Paso shooting about Trump. With that, Sciutto replayed the Trump rally clip and asked if the president acted appropriately in that moment.

“He laughed, Marc. The president laughed,” Sciutto said. “Is that what you think the president should do? He was laughing at it.”

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