CNN’s Smerconish and Rep. Matt Gaetz Spar Over Mueller Report: ‘Was This Investigation Not Worth It?’


CNN’s Michael Smerconish and Congressman Matt Gaetz (R- FL) sparred this morning over whether the Mueller investigation was ultimately worth it in the end.

Smerconish played audio of a caller to his radio show saying the Russians got what they wanted with how Americans are continuing to fight amongst ourselves.

Gaetz said, “The Russians win when we allow our intelligence community to be politicized, when we allow political opposition research to function as a basis for a warrant to spy on American citizens. That not only calls into question our democracy and our political process, but also the critical intelligence tools we need to combat Russia’s maligned influence around the world.”

He did add that he believes Russia wanted Hillary Clinton to lose.

Smerconish went back to the issue “I keep hearing… particularly on Fox News in primetime”: the calls to investigate the origins of the investigation.

“Was this investigation not worth it,” he asked, “where 37 individuals and entities were indicted by Mueller for having meddled in our election? Do you want that there had been no investigation?”

Gaetz responded that those 37 people won’t face justice and “God forbid if they showed up and tried to use our criminal process to try to uncover sources and methods that our intelligence communities use.”

He called them “ghost indictments” that only confirm what we’ve already known.

“But don’t you, as a member of Congress, need the information that Mueller just provided you,” Smerconish pressed, “so as to make sure this never happens again?”

Gaetz pointed to briefings Congress receives and a somewhat stunned Smerconish asked again, “Respectfully, you’re telling me you didn’t learn anything? You knew all of this, all of this contained in the 400 pages about the vast way in which Putin sought to undermine our election and our society? I’m shocked by that.”

Gaetz said again he doesn’t think the Mueller report creates “some new set of revelations” for many in Congress.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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