CNN’s Smerconish Confronts Trump Advisor: ‘Is He Too Thin-Skinned to Be President?’

smerconishIf you know Donald Trump, you know that he’s practically incapable of letting almost any criticism from anyone anywhere slide. Whenever someone says something about him on TV, in print, or online, you can bet Trump will publicly trash, send out a few angry tweets directed at, or send a direct handwritten message to the offender.

Which begs the question CNN’s Michael Smerconish posed to a Trump advisor this morning: “Is he too thin-skinned to be president?”

Smerconish spoke with Michael Cohen, the executive vice president of the Trump Organization and Trump’s special counsel, who defended Trump’s comments on illegal immigration and ripped the media’s “gross distortion” of Trump’s remarks “by the liberal media that wants to take Donald Trump out of this race.”

After challenging Cohen with some immigration statistics, he brought up how he once made a brief mention of Trump on the air, and Trump “quickly tweeted out and told Jeff Zucker, my boss, they were wasting money on me.”

He asked, Is that the kind of guy who’s got a temperament? Can he take the critique while he’s in office?”

“Donald Trump does not have thin skin,” Cohen insisted. “What Donald Trump does is he doesn’t let people attack him without being attacked back. That’s just his nature, that’s what made him the success that he is.”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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