CNN’s Smerconish Faces Off with Guest Who Posted Roommate Ad Asking for No Trump Supporters


CNN’s Michael Smerconish spoke this morning with Sahar Kian about a roommate ad she recently placed writing, “Alcohol, pets and meat products are not allowed in the house. Neither are Trump supporters.”

Kian recently spoke to The New York Times about her decision:

Ms. Kian, who has American and Iranian citizenship and was raised Muslim, said the idea of the no-Trump clause started out as a joke. But it grew serious, she said, after the president signed an executive order that barred people from seven predominantly Muslim countries from entering the United States.

“Anybody who is on board with that kind of thinking is not welcome,” she said. Whoever ends up living with her will pay $1,300 to share the top floor of the house. (Her parents live downstairs.) People who support Mr. Trump, she said, would not be interested in living in her “raging liberal” house.

“Frankly, it would not work out,” Ms. Kian said in an interview. “That person would not be comfortable here because we bash Trump nightly.”

Kian told Smerconish today she doesn’t want her living space to feel like a hostile environment. He challenged her and said, “You’re being judgmental against what they believe in.”

He asked her if she would turn away the friendship of someone with political disagreements. Kian said there’s a reason she specifically singled out Trump supporters and didn’t say no conservatives or no Republicans––”I’m calling Trump and his supporters out on their bigotry.”

Smerconish said it’s unfair for her to paint so many Trump supporters with so broad a brush. Kian said she wouldn’t do any “extreme vetting” of potential roommates, but that she’s very concerned about not welcoming anyone who holds bigoted views.

Watch above, via CNN.

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