CNN’s Smerconish: Reports of Trump’s Political Demise Are ‘Greatly Exaggerated’


“Beware the bubble.”

That was how CNN’s Michael Smerconish opened today, telling people that the “chaos” narrative about President Trump may be exaggerated:

“Donald Trump has been President for about 400 days now, and despite a lot of hand-wringing, the world has not come to an end. It looks like we’ll survive this presidency, although there’s going to be an enormous void as to how we’ll be entertained post-Trump administration, whenever that might come.”

He recapped the “entertainment value” of everything that’s happened this week while noting how all the “chaos” and “salacious” stuff gets put to the side for people who just care about the economy.

Smerconish brought up the recent news about jobs and how a lot of Trump supporters may have liked the tariffs he announced.

“In the meantime,” he concluded, “the continued reports of the President’s political demise seem greatly exaggerated to me.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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