CNN’s Smerconish: Trump ‘May Be Able to Shoot Somebody on Fifth Ave,’ But If Economy Tanks…


CNN’s Michael Smerconish said today President Donald Trump‘s maxim that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any voters still applies… but the economy is a different story.

Brooke Baldwin spoke with Smerconish this afternoon and said, “The president has always considered the economy his failsafe issue, but with that potentially in jeopardy, and reportedly this administration doesn’t have a plan if there is a recession, can he still run on the economy?”

He said that despite the political “s-show” going on in the last week or so, none of it will turn off Trump supporters. But regarding the economy:

“Nothing that you’ve articulated will dissuade those who supported him from doing so again, with the exception, though, Brooke, to your question of the economy. He may be able to shoot somebody on Fifth Avenue, but the polling data and the focus group analysis suggests this really is his Achilles heel. He’s never been above 50 percent as president in terms of his approval rating, but he’s been evaluated in the best of economic conditions and only comes in in the mid-40s. So bottom line, all of the other things are frankly a harumph in the age of Trump. The economy — big stuff.”

Baldwin said while Trump is effective at fighting political rivals, the economy isn’t “something that he could weaponize.”

“The reason that he can’t lay it off on somebody else is because for the last two years, he’s been taking full credit for it,” Smerconish said. “You can’t point at Strzok and Page or Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama or Jim Comey. I could sit here and I could give you the laundry list of the usual suspects, but you can’t blame any of them if the economy takes a turn. I’m just not equipped to know if there’s some kind of a blip on the radar screen right now or if this is the beginning of a downturn. I hope it’s not the beginning of a downturn.”

Late last year, as Smerconish said Trump “losing a strong economy” could be a threat to his presidency, though he argued the bigger one would be if the president lost the support of conservative media.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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