CNN’s Stelter Hits Hannity Over Mueller Claim That He Knew About Don Jr. Trump Tower Meeting and ‘Sat on it’


According to Robert Mueller‘s report, Fox News host Sean Hannity was made privy to the Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Kremlin lawyer about a week before the event became public knowledge. Volume two, page 99 of the report says Hannity was aware of the infamous Trump Tower meeting since late June of 2017, at the latest.

CNN’s Brian Stelter flagged this bit of the Mueller Report, and noted that it would mean Hannity knew of the meeting about a week before The New York Times broke the story on July 8, 2017.

From the Mueller report:

Trump Organization attorneys became aware of the June 9 meeting no later than the first week of June 2017, when they began interviewing the meeting participants, and the Trump Organization attorneys provided the emails setting up the meeting to the President’s personal counsel. Mark Corallo, who had been hired as a spokesman for the President’s personal legal team, recalled that he learned about the June 9 meeting around June 21 or 22. Priebus recalled learning about the June 9 meeting from Fox News host Sean Hannity in late June 2017. [Reince] Priebus notified one of the President’s personal attorneys, who told Priebus he was already working on it. By late June, several advisors recalled receiving media inquiries that could relate to the June 9 meeting.

The CNN host found it interesting, however, that Hannity never reported the Trump Tower meeting on his show before the Times covered it, and there doesn’t seem to be evidence that Hannity ever told Fox News’ straight reporting division.

“This is the stark difference between news and opinion,” Stelter said. “The president always favors opinion, but in this case, Hannity had a really important piece of news, and he sat on it because of his friendship and connections with the Trumps.”

Stelter went on to say Hannity and pro-Trump figures on Fox do “a disservice” to the news divisions they work next to.

Watch above, via CNN.

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