CNN’s Stelter: ‘Inventing a Conspiracy Theory Is No Way to Make America Great Again’

stelterCNN’s Brian Stelter went on a tear against Donald Trump this morning over his talk of a “rigged election” in the works, saying that “Donald Trump’s biggest lie is about the election itself.”

He pointed out how for months Trump has been pushing the idea that the election could be stolen from him, occasionally saying that he would only lose certain states or the general election because of the aforementioned rigging.

Stelter said that the journalists standing up to this are “not anti-Trump, they’re pro-democracy.”

He said conservative journalists and pundits have a responsibility too, highlighting how Sean Hannity accepted the 2012 results and wondering if he would do the same this time.

Stelter concluded thusly:

“Mr. Trump, think of your children. America is great partly because everyone accepts the results of elections, for decades in the past and hopefully for decades to come. Inventing a conspiracy theory is no way to make America great again.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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