CNN’s Stelter: Isn’t There Some ‘Liberal Intolerance’ in Anger Over Trump Supporter Profiles?


On CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning, Brian Stelter questioned whether the anger from Democrats every time a new sympathetic piece on Trump supporters comes out is based in some “liberal intolerance.”

The segment was spurred on by the New York Times recently running a number of Trump supporters’ letters, which led to what the Times itself acknowledged was a “furor.”

Neera Tanden told Stelter this morning it’s fine to hear from Trump voters, but argued, “We don’t hear enough of the Resistance.”

Jeff Greenfield argued it’s certainly “useful” for the paper to let those pro-Trump voices have that space for a day, suggesting that perhaps Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson do something similar with anti-Trump voices.

There have indeed been a great number of those Trump supporter profiles, and Stelter made this observation:

“I see people on Twitter and Facebook say, ‘I don’t remember Obama supporters being interviewed in focus groups in 2010 or in 2011.’ It’s because he was never as unpopular as Trump is right now. And isn’t there an element of liberal intolerance here when people say they can’t stand to hear from Trump voters anymore?”

Tanden reiterated her point that people are frustrated about the one-sidedness of coverage of Trump supporters as opposed to people who don’t support him.

Greenfield talked about the difference people get watching the different cable networks––watching CNN makes him “expect the indictment… to be imminent,” watching MSNBC gives you “the prosecutor’s case,” and “God knows when you turn on Fox News in primetime you know what you’re gonna get.”

As Tanden downplayed the idea that people are saying reporters shouldn’t talk to Trump supporters, Stelter said, “I think a lot of people––there’s a lot of leftists saying ‘do not interview Trump supporters.’ That’s real.”

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