CNN’s Stelter on Smollett Charges: 2020 Dems Called This a ‘Modern Day Lynching,’ But it May Be a ‘Modern Day Lie’


On Wednesday evening, CNN’s Brian Stelter reacted to the news that Cook County state’s attorney’s office announced that they filed felony disorderly conduct charges against Jussie Smollett by noting what some Democratic candidates dubbed a “modern day lynching” may well, if the facts bear it out, turn out to be a “modern day lie.”

The Empire actor is accused of filing a false police report about a Jan.29 attack in which he said two men hurled racist and anti-gay slurs at him and put a noose around his neck.

According to CNN Wednesday night, the men allegedly behind the attack now say Smollett paid them to accost him in the street.

Speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper after the revelation that Smollett was now facing charges himself, Stelter wondered if Smollet was “seeking attention” first with the note and then the attack.

“That’s where the mind immediately goes when you hear about these circumstances. There were rumors that maybe he was worried he was being written off the show Empire…[Fox] said he is a valued member of the cast,” Stelter said. “But tonight, Anderson, Fox has no new comment about his status or about these charges.”

Stelter also noted that just after the incident there was “a rush of judgment” to back Smollett’s claims.

“Many journalists were very careful, but some ended up dropping the word alleged out of headlines…There were a lot of liberal celebrities and activists who rushed to his corner assuming he was telling the truth,” Stelter stressed. “Smollett took advantage of a lot of people by doing that…making the impression that he was a victim in this case.”

He then said this: “If, in fact, he was lying there were a lot of Democratic candidates saying this was a modern day lynching…This turns out to more of a modern day lie if the police are right.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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