CNN’s Stelter: Voices Like Napolitano ‘Drowned Out by the Sycophants’ at Fox Like Pirro


CNN’s Brian Stelter used his latest monologue to remark on Fox News’ “tale of two judges,” specifically the difference between Andrew Napolitano and Jeanine Pirro.

Napolitano established himself as a notable Trump critic in recent months, having said there is ample evidence to impeach Trump over the Ukraine scandal. Trump has repeatedly attack Napolitano for his negative commentary, but he enjoys a warm relationship with Pirro, who regularly offers fiery defenses of the president.

Stelter used his Reliable Sources opener to highlight this and say that moderate right-wing voices on Fox are getting “drowned out by the sycophants.” He went to say Napolitano is the one “providing reasoned legal arguments” on air, and yet, Trump prefers Fox’s other commentators saying there’s nothing to the Ukraine scandal

“Trump keeps hearing he’s not the mastermind of a shakedown but the victim of a takedown,” Stelter said. “And dissenting voices like Napolitano, are they even getting through? And is this all a preview of what Trump’s legal strategy will be as the House prepares to vote on articles of impeachment?”

Judge Napolitano has, of course, made a number of appearances on Fox News in the past few weeks, and it’s clear both critics and fans of the president have some strong feelings about his blistering commentary. Whether his arguments are “getting through” is another question entirely.

Stelter kept this topic going when he opened the floor to his panel, which eventually touched on Shep Smith’s recent departure from Fox. This led to Stelter asking “Do you think there’s room left for people like Judge Napolitano who are trying to explain to Fox’s viewers that Trump is in pretty hot water?”

Watch above, via CNN.

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