CNN’s Symone Sanders Dismisses Angry Protestors Confronting GOPers as ‘One-Off Instances’


On Thursday night, CNN commentator Symone Sanders doesn’t think the numerous confrontations that GOP lawmakers and Trump officials have faced in recent months are that serious.

On the subject of President Donald Trump’s new slogan that “Democrats produce mobs, Republicans create jobs,” GOP strategist Alice Stewart pointed out how there’s “angry activity” on both sides of the aisle but emphasized that “bullies” are “going after public officials,” invoking a recent incident involving a congressional candidate and his wife in North Carolina.

While Sanders condemned the attacks aimed at the politician’s wife, she classified the left’s protests in recent months as “organized disobedience.”

“I think a lot of lawmakers, particularly those who serve in Congress, are uneasy about being confronted about their positions, particularly Republicans, because they haven’t faced their many Republican lawmakers have stopped having town halls,” Sanders told CNN anchor Don Lemon. “And so folks that feel some type of way about what their elected officials are doing have to come to Washington, D.C., have to find them.”

“These are one-off instances, everyone,” Sanders continued.  “The oneoff instances of yelling at the wives and what not- those are one-off instances. What is happening in this country is folks are concerned and they are raising their voices. And that’s something they’re allowed to do frankly.”

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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