CNN’s Tapper: Obama Speech Shows Lack of Confidence in Hillary Clinton

vlcsnap-2016-06-14-13h37m06s718CNN host Jake Tapper wondered Tuesday whether President Barack Obama‘s White House speech denouncing Donald Trump’s rhetoric on Islam signaled that he was not confident that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was up to the job.

“Let me also make one observation, which is obviously President Obama is very eager to get into this political debate and he’s very eager to defend himself, but also to do what he can to stop Donald Trump from becoming president,” Tapper began.

“I can’t help but observe that if he thought Hillary Clinton was doing a good job or an effective job making the case against Trump, maybe he wouldn’t go to the East Room and make it himself,” he argued.

“So in a way, while this is completely a condemnation of Trump and everything Trump stands for, I wouldn’t say that President Obama entering the presidential race this way exactly expresses a huge vote of confidence in the way that Hillary Clinton is rebutting Trump and making the same exact points that the president just made,” he concluded.

Watch the exchange above, via CNN.

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