CNN’s Tapper Shreds ‘Cowardly’ Republicans For Complacency on Trump’s IG Oversight Purge


CNN’s Jake Tapper tore into the GOP on Sunday for how they’ve reacted to President Donald Trump’s repeated efforts to undermine attempts from within the government to hold him accountable.

Tapper started State of the Union by ripping on the “smear campaign” Trump and his allies have launched against a slew of his political enemies in recent days. He noted that this has ranged “from bizarre, false conspiracy theories to spreading false allegations of pedophilia to even suggesting one TV anchor committed murder.”

“These smear campaigns are unmoored from reality,” Tapper said. “They’re deranged and indecent and seem designed to distract from us from this horrific health and economic crisis.”

Later on, Tapper put Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) through a tough interview over Trump’s firing of State Department inspector general Steve Linick, who was reportedly investigating Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Reports have said that Pompeo recommended to Trump that Linick ought to be fired.

Tapper noted that Linick’s termination comes after Trump fired numerous inspector generals from his administration after providing information to the public that was in some way problematic to the president. He noted that the purpose of inspector generals is “to make sure your government is operating efficiently and free of corruption. The president does not want them there.”

“He is getting away with it because all of the previous outspoken voices in favor of inspectors general…have been muted, if not outright silenced,” Tapper said. He went on by lamenting how the Republican Party has gone along with Trump on this, though he did give credit to Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) for denouncing Linick’s firing.

From Tapper:

In short, one check on the executive branch, the Senate, has not only too often forsaken its oversight responsibilities, it’s now allowing the president to remove another layer of oversight…Loyalty to Trump above all else. I’ve been covering Washington, D.C. for a long time now. One thing I’ve noticed is when one party destroys a norm, it seldom comes back. When the other party comes to control, which inevitably happens, that party takes advantage of the new power. They usually push it further. So while Republicans in Congress sit back cowardly and don’t raise a peep, keep in mind this is not just about President Trump’s unprecedented war on accountability. This is about the kind of nation we’ll have after President Trump leaves office whether in January or in 2025. It will be a world where watchdogs are replaced by lapdogs. It already is becoming that world, and that doesn’t serve anyone except whoever is in power. And you will have only President Trump and the people in Congress and the media who sold you out so as to curry favor with him to blame.

Watch above, via CNN.

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