CNN’s Tapper Shuts Down Ted Cruz Falsely Claiming Network Dropped Covid Coverage After Biden’s 2020 Win


On Tuesday, CNN’s Jake Tapper wound up in a Twitter fight with Ted Cruz (R-TX) when the senator tried to smear the network and accuse them of politicizing their coronavirus coverage.

The quarrel began when Cruz picked up a tweet from RNC rapid response director Steve Guest, and he ran with the insinuation that CNN no longer treats the pandemic as a public threat now that President Donald Trump has lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden.

“Miraculous,” Cruz snarked. “COVID cured, the very instant the networks called the race for Biden.”

This drew the attention of Tapper, who provided numerous clips as he responded that actually, “we continue to cover this horrible crisis that our public officials are not doing enough to stop.”

Cruz’s slight on CNN comes days after Fox News published an article claiming the network abandoned virtually all of their covid concerns while covering the crowds of people publicly celebrating the 2020 results. The article’s claims were proven false as Tapper and others at CNN provided multiple examples of their ongoing pandemic worries.

Instead of addressing his false swipe at CNN, Cruz changed course and brought up Pfizer’s announcement that their experimental coronavirus vaccine is showing a promising level of effectiveness. Trump supporters have accused Pfizer of sitting on their trial results in order to damage the president’s reelection chances, but as the company has been rejecting that insinuation, Cruz attacked Tapper by running with it anyway.

“Jake, why didn’t Pfizer announce their vaccine until 48 hours—literally—after the networks called the race for Biden?” Cruz asked. “They didn’t know about it last week?”

Tapper sniped back by saying Cruz “obviously didn’t watch” the CNN segment he was given, because if he did, Cruz would’ve seen Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla addressing that.

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