CNN’s Toobin: Accusations of Mueller’s Anti-Trump Bias Are a ‘Completely Frivolous Argument’


CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin appeared on CNN’s Reliable Sources in order to refute the recent right-wing talking points about how the FBI and the Robert Mueller special investigation are hopelessly corrupt.

Toobin spoke with Brian Stelter, who noted that the two leading complaints about Mueller’s investigation are leaks to the media, and the notion that the investigation is full of anti-Trump bias. Toobin and Stelter discussed the first point by noting that Mueller’s team has never spoken directly to the press, and most of the information about the investigation likely came from congressional investigators and defense attorneys in contact with his people.

The conversation moved towards the outstanding questions over Mueller’s indictments against several former Trump aides, and the extent of collusion with the Russian government. Toobin acknowledged that collusion isn’t a crime, though any possible attempts to shut down the investigations on the matter by committing obstruction of justice could be a different story.

Stelter eventually brought up all the recent conservative talking points about how the FBI is tainted by anti-Trump bias because of the involvement of people like Peter Strzok. Toobin argued that Strzok is no longer a factor since Mueller demoted him from the investigation, and that the notion of “improper activity” is “just frivolous.”

“It’s never been done before that the views of an fbi agent, much less a prosecutor or the lead prosecutor, has been used to discredit the organization,” Toobin said. “It’s a completely frivolous argument.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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