CNN’s Toobin: Dems Should Directly Ask Mueller ‘What Did Donald Trump Do That Was Criminal?’


CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin said Wednesday night Democrats should be way more direct in their questioning of Robert Mueller than the “high-minded” suggestions being thrown out there.

Mueller will be testifying on July 16th before two House committees. The special counsel had indicated in his public statement weeks ago any testimony from his office would not go beyond what was in the report.

CNN reporter Laura Jarrett said Congress should be coming up with “effective lines of questioning” like asking him about what he meant in his non-exoneration of the president.

Wolf Blitzer asked Toobin what he would ask Mueller.

“If I were a Democrat, would ignore the high-minded questions that Preet [Bharara] suggested and that Adam Schiff suggested,” Toobin said, “and go right at what did Donald Trump do that was criminal, period? Talk about the evidence against Donald Trump and why you didn’t say he committed a crime.”

“Don’t lose focus on the Donald,” he added.

Gloria Borger said at one point the questions are good, but, “I’m just not sure that Bob Mueller is going to answer any of them.”

“Neither am I,” Toobin added.

You can watch above, via CNN.

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