CNN’s Toobin Explains Why Cheney Critics Should Be ‘Grateful’ He’s on TV

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin, subbing in on Reliable Sources today, took on the media criticism that Dick Cheney shouldn’t be given a platform to criticize anyone else on Iraq, given his role in going to war in Iraq. But Toobin argued that Cheney critics should be glad Cheney’s back in the news and talking about foreign policy again.

Toobin asked, “Is listening to Dick Cheney like listening to an arsonist on fire preventin?” CNN counterterrorism analyst Philip Mudd admitted while Cheney’s “always claiming the sky is falling,” he’s a “very thoughtful guy” and so people shouldn’t be “ignoring the message because we don’t like the messenger.”

Lt. Col. Rick Francona agreed that Cheney has some “valid points” about Obama’s foreign policy the public should hear, and Toobin made this case for why critics shouldn’t be too bothered about him being on TV.

“We can learn, for better or worse, from their experience, and the only way we can challenge them is if they speak out. Shouldn’t we be grateful that Cheney is making himself the target that he is?”

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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