CNN’s Toobin: Fox News ‘Echo Chamber’ Will Call Mueller Report Vindication for Trump No Matter What It Says


Ahead of the expected release of the redacted Mueller report on Thursday, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin brought up how the role of Fox News in the messaging President Donald Trump will be putting out after it drops.

As the CNN panel discussed the White House strategy ahead of the report’s release, analyst Susan Hennessey brought up how openly Trump has been decrying the investigation for months. She said it’s certainly effective for the president’s narrow base, but it begs the question of whether it carries to larger audiences.

“I don’t know how narrow the president’s base is,’ Toobin said. “I think it’s at least 40 percent in the polls and it was enough to get him elected President of the United States.”

“Plus,” he added, “he’s got an entire cable news network that is going to elaborate and repeat and guarantee that Trump’s message gets out there. I mean, Fox News will be an incredible asset to the president that Richard Nixon didn’t have in the 1970s, that Bill Clinton didn’t have in the 1990s. And that echo chamber is going to announce this as a vindication regardless of what the 400 pages say.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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