CNN’s Toobin: Hearing All These Republicans Criticizing Trump ‘Rings a Little Hollow’

During a CNN panel discussion sorting through some of the biggest news today, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin said he doesn’t quite buy a lot of the Republican hand-wringing about President Trump.

The President has been getting criticism on the right over the tariffs he announced, including from Senator Ben Sasse:

A skeptical Toobin had this to say in response to some of the GOP criticism of the President:

“I’m pretty skeptical of all this complaining from these Republican senators and congressmen. You know, they’re very good about––like, ‘oh, we’re very concerned.’ How many Republicans have voted against Donald Trump? Very few. How many have voted against any of his judicial nominees? How many of them voted against the tax cut? How many of them voted against Obamacare? A couple, and that was a big difference, but all these Republicans––you know, Ben Sasse gets all indignant about gun control. Ben Sasse is a rubber stamp for Donald Trump legislatively, and so are most of these Republicans. So all this sort of complaining about these tariffs rings a little hollow when they wind up following along no matter what.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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