CNN’s Toobin: Jared Kushner’s Where He Is Today Because He’s in the ‘Lucky Sperm Club’

So, um, CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin went off in a weird way against Jared Kushner earlier tonight.

Anderson Cooper and his panel were talking about the breaking New York Times report tonight that Kushner is “resisting giving up his access to highly classified information,” an issue due to him only having an interim security clearance.

Toobin found this kind of laughable because the real problem here is nepotism. And then this happened:

TOOBIN: Jared Kushner is not qualified for the job he’s doing. His only qualification is that he’s the President’s son-in-law. He’s a modestly successful real estate developer.

COOPER: Of his father’s company.

TOOBIN: Of his father’s company. Lucky sperm club.

…beg pardon?

Watch above, via CNN.

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