CNN’s Toobin: Just Because Trump’s Acting ‘Irrationally’ on Immigration Doesn’t Mean There Isn’t a Real Problem

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin said tonight that just because President Donald Trump is acting “irrationally” on the immigration issue doesn’t mean there isn’t a real problem.

Wolf Blitzer brought up the news of a judge issuing an injunction halting the Trump administration’s policy of making asylum seekers wait in Mexico.

“The law is pretty clear,” Toobin said. “The law is that you have to allow people to seek asylum within the United States.”

He added that there is an “enormous increase in people seeking asylum” and that this is a “genuine problem,” not just “something that Donald Trump invented.”

“Just because Trump is acting irrationally doesn’t mean he’s not dealing with a real problem here,” Toobin said. “It is a real problem. But the only way to deal with it is let people seek asylum within the United States or change the law.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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