CNN’s Toobin on Giuliani Media Blitz: He’s Speaking to the ‘Choir at Fox News, and Sean Hannity Repeats It’


On CNN tonight, Jeffrey Toobin said Rudy Giuliani‘s media blitz is largely about speaking to Fox News and giving them talking points to run with.

Giuliani made some comments on air yesterday suggesting that the discussions about a Trump Tower in Moscow lasted until November 2016 — which would be new information, if true.

During a CNN Situation Room discussion of Giuliani’s media blitz, Sabrina Siddiqui — a reporter for The Guardian — noted the very glaring issue of changing stories in Trumpworld, particularly from Giuliani.

Toobin jumped in and said, “And how about the fact that suddenly both President Trump and Rudy Giuliani are saying, ‘Well, everybody knew he was negotiating with Russia during 2016.’ Nobody knew he was negotiating with Russia during 2016! That is a complete lie!”

He said the ever-changing stories on the tower project alone show “the magnitude of the deception on the American people just on that corner of the story is enormous.”

At one point, CNN special correspondent Jamie Gangel asked why Giuliani is doing any of this, wondering if there’s some kind of “great strategy” here.

Toobin offered this explanation:

“I think he feels it will help his client. They believe it on Fox News. I mean, you know, a lot of people are supporting what the President is doing. You know, his base needs reasons, so he gives them reasons. But the whole argument––you know, he says, well, paying money to Stormy Daniels was not a crime. Yes, it was. Yes, it was. It was an illegal campaign contribution. That’s what Michael Cohen just pleaded guilty to. So just because Rudy Giuliani says it’s not a crime doesn’t make it not a crime. But I think… why he’s doing it is that he is giving reasons to his amen choir at Fox News, and Sean Hannity repeats it, and 30 percent of the country believes it.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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