CNN’s Toobin: Sen. Tom Cotton Has ‘The Appeal of Trump’ Without the ‘Embarrassing Characteristics’


CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin has a new profile out today in The New Yorker of Senator Tom Cotton, who Toobin describes as the possible future of Trumpism and the Republican party.

For as he explained on CNN earlier tonight:

“We pay a lot of attention to Jeff Flake and Bob Corker, but, you know, most Republicans, as we’ve discussed, they still support Donald Trump. And so does Tom Cotton. But Cotton has the appeal of Trump without some of the embarrassing characteristics. He doesn’t tweet silly things. He has a distinguished military war record. So Tom Cotton is definitely someone to keep an eye on as the Republican party moves on from Trump, but not away from Trump in the same issue directions that Trump took the party.”

In fact, for the profile, Toobin writes that he asked Cotton about those off-the-cuff, undisciplined statements from the Commander-in-Chief.

Senator Cotton responded, “The President puts things sometimes in a way that I would not. But he was still nominated by our voters and elected by the American people to be our President, and if we want him to accomplish our agenda we need to set him up for success.”

Toobin describes the Arkansas senator as “a hybrid of insurgent and old guard” who can appeal to both the Trump wing and the establishment of the GOP.

You can watch the CNN clip above, and you can read the full profile here.

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